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Waldo Customs

"Lil Snap" MK23 Nozzle Spring

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"Feeding has never looked so good"

Uprated nozzle springs are vital for allowing your non-blowback MK23 to feed every shot in your magazine, so of course I set out to make something that was optimal for all MK23 brand pistols everywhere

Introducing the "Lil Snap" MK23 nozzle springs. Strong reinforced steel springs paired with a slick gold coating to allow for the least friction possible. The nozzle springs are rated at approximately 150%.

The Lil Snap also features a unique and immaculate finish often seen in real firearm springs. This coating not only allows for a low friction cycling experience but also a beautiful and stylish aesthetic. This finish will also help aid the pistol cycle quietly, which really helps optimise the silent experience that the MK23 offers. 

Each package contains 2 nozzle springs, one for the forward motion and one for the backward motion.

Fits the following platforms:

- Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB

- Novritsch SSX23 NBB