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Waldo Customs

"BUFF" Short Stroke Kit (AAP01)

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AAP Buff Kit + Snappy Boi Recoil Spring Upgrade Kit
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New version with hard plastic buffers

Short stroking allows any form of Airsoft system to cycle quicker and more efficiently. These two things are important to me at Waldo Customs, so I have tailored together a customisable short stroke kit for AAP01s. This is a must have upgrade for any Airsoft players looking to upgrade their AAP to get an easy advantage over other players.

This kit includes two sizes of upgrade buffers, made in white and black. The buffers are from low friction, hard plastic.

This kit was designed in mind for those players who truly want to exceed with their cycle speed, allowing for full customization of how their AAP01 performs. This paired with our "Snappy Boi" AAP-01 Recoil Spring and "Lil' Snap" AAP-01/Glock Nozzle Springs can create incredible results, especially in full auto.

The kit can also be utilized to allow for a short stroke set up that still allows for lock back upon an empty mag.


Each pack contains:

  • Slim metal washer x1
  • White buffers x3
  • Black buffers x5

The AAP-01 has the weight, the looks, and the potential for external external upgrades, but until now there was a distinct lack of internal upgrade parts available.

We have developed a simple upgrade kit which allows you to Short Stroke your AAP with ease.


Short stroking lowers the amount of travel that your Airsoft bolt travels allowing it to cycle faster improving it's shooting speed.

Get an edge over other players on the field with an improved rate of fire!