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Waldo Customs

AAP Buff Kit + Snappy Boi Recoil Spring Upgrade Kit

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A package containing both the "Snappy Boi" AAP-01 Recoil Spring, and the "BUFF" Short Stroke Kit (AAP01), the perfect package for any Airsoft player looking to upgrade the performance of the Airsoft AAP01 Gas Blowback Pistol.

"Snappy Boi" AAP-01 Recoil Spring
One of the most key parts of the AAP-01 blowback system is the recoil spring. This part alone can drastically effect reset, cycle speed, fire-rate on full auto, and efficiency.

You can buy the "Snappy Boi" AAP-01 Recoil Spring individually here.

"BUFF" Short Stroke Kit (AAP01)
Short stroking allows any form of Airsoft system to cycle quicker and more efficiently. These two things are important to me at Waldo Customs, so I have tailored together a customisable short stroke kit for AAP01s. This is a must have upgrade for any Airsoft players looking to upgrade their AAP to get an easy advantage over other players.

You can buy the "BUFF" Short Stroke Kit (AAP01) individually here.


Each set contains: