My Story

Hi there, I'm Waldo, founder of Waldo Customs.
4 years ago I made the personal leap into the world of Airsoft. I started off with TM Hi Capa and a VSR 10 (despite everyone telling me not to in my best interest) and I loved every moment of it. I played outdoors a lot at my local field, and made incredible friends along the way.
Airsoft has done me a lot of favours for my personal anxiety. It taught me how to speak up in a team, strategize, socialize with people i didn't know, and getting back into a fight no matter how much it hurt (Physically and mentally).
After 2 years of playing and getting involved in the community, a company named Tapp Airsoft got in contact with me and were nice enough to sponsor me. This was a huge boost to my confidence, and felt very rewarding as someone who wanted to excel in this hobby.
Over the years I became involved with SpeedQB, Milsim, and just casual game days. It's really hard to think of skirmish I attended where I didn't enjoy myself.
In the last year, after watching over Tapp Airsoft's shoulder, I decided it was my turn to give back to the community. I set up Waldo Customs with the sole intention of providing educational content and high quality products.
I am so glad I made this decision, and I hope everything I produce to the community is worthwhile to someone out there.

Co-owner of Waldo Customs
Coming in with 22 years of experience in airsoft and having worked for major companies like Novritsch Trading, ActionSportGames and Patrolbase, Jeppe has been a driving force in Waldo Customs.
Jeppe is from Denmark and have grown up playing airsoft skirmish, milsim and speedball.
In Waldo Customs, he handles business strategy, product design, sourcing, legal, accounting, webshop, data management and more.

"I knew Waldo back from when i played speedsoft in UK. I was working freelance in 2020 and saw Waldo had success selling a recoil spring on facebook.
From there on on, i hit him up and we started a business together. Me living in Austria and Waldo living in UK! As an "old man" in airsoft, i am glad to work with Waldo's input on what products people like; he has a good connection with what airsoft players want.
Since then, Waldo Customs has exploded in popularity. Together with Waldo, I took the business from facebook page to a modern, high performance E-commerce business.
Drawing on my experience from airsoft manufacturing and retail, i designed and sourced over 30 products since starting, that thousands of customers now have enjoyed."